Of all the nuisance pests that invade people’s homes in the United States, bed bugs are among the most obstinate, annoying, and difficult to exterminate. In fact, it is not uncommon to have bed bugs regardless of how clean your home is. In other words, any household or property can be infested by these creepy-crawlies.

The fast spread of bed bugs is mainly due to their exceptional ability to hitchhike on items like clothing, suitcases, backpacks, shoes, and mostly objects made of fabric. Another advantageous attribute of these pests is their very minute size, allowing them to discreetly move and hide into any tiny cracks or gaps. Additionally, they are mainly active during the night when their blood meal is fast asleep. Their sneaky attacks typically result in their host acquiring red clustered bite marks that are extremely itchy. This nocturnal nature of bed bugs, along with their almost invisible size and fast and subtle movements, is one reason they are not easily detected or spotted until they have immensely multiplied and increased their number, making their presence more noticeable.

Using Heat Treatment to Eradicate Bed Bugs

Bed bug heat treatment is a popular and highly effective method used by bed bug exterminators to get rid of bed bugs for good. The efficacy rate of this technique ranges from 95 to 100 percent.  Although there are other treatment options such as chemical treatment, fumigation, and home remedies, most pest control companies prefer bed bug heat treatment for the most obvious reason—it does not require using chemicals, which can be pose potential harm to the environment. Unlike chemical treatment, heat treatment, also called heat remediation, is deemed safe for other organisms including your pets.

To apply this treatment method, the homeowner has to coordinate with a pest management company that is licensed to carry out the bed bug heat treatment procedure. As soon as the treatment plan has already been laid out and discussed properly with the homeowner, the service technicians can proceed with the treatment process.

The Tools and Treatment Process

Basically, the tools and equipment used to carry out the bed bug heat treatment are specialized heaters, remote thermometers, and wireless sensors which shall be installed in various parts of your household, more so in areas that are infected. Once these tools are mounted, a temperature of not lower than 120 degrees Fahrenheit and not higher than 10 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the gravity of the infestation, must be maintained in the atmosphere. This hotness is considered lethal to bed bugs, killing the latter, their nymphs, and eggs several minutes after exposure to the heat.

Also, to thoroughly distribute the heat and allow it to penetrate all potential hiding spots, including every single space, crack, gap, crawling area, and linen inside the house, industrial fans must be used. These fans will blow and move the hot air around the infested area.

How It Works

The good thing about this method is that it can be done in less than a day. To be specific, total bed bug removal using this method is achieved just within 4 to 10 hours. No follow up sessions are necessary unlike in chemical treatment, which calls for more than two treatment sessions before the bed bug extermination is considered complete. However, to make sure the bugs are never coming back to re-infest your home, experts suggest the application of residual pesticides after completing the bed bug heat treatment to ensure that no remaining bugs are left alive.

During the procedure, through the instructions provided by the pest control agents, homeowners must leave all home items as is except for those objects that are sensitive to heat. Pet animals must also be taken out of the treatment room. Also, prior to the treatment process, you need to scrupulously clean your household by removing all clutter, getting rid of trash, and vacuum cleaning.

All in all, applying heat remediation to eliminate bed bugs is a practical option. Moreover, it is a less-time consuming, safe to use, and subtle bed bug treatment. If you do not favor using chemicals to treat infestation and you prefer solving your bed bug problem fast without letting your nosy neighbors know about it, then bed bug heat treatment serves as your best alternative.