The knife is an elementary and necessary kitchen utensil for cooking. We know, it’s one more cutlery, yes. A basic tools for you are damascus steel knives, who are an excellence of gastronomy. But a tool that cannot give results if used in the wrong way.

Use of knives

Knowing the Multitude Of Types Of Knives And Their Uses Will Help You In Several Ways:

  1. The use of a bad knife almost inevitably implies the loss or abuse of the product.
  2. Ignorance of its applications means poor use of work tools.
  3. And misapplying kitchen utensils at work can lead to work accidents.
  4. Each knife has a different initial cutting behavior and edge retention. This means that the cutting capacity is not the same in a new knife as in a used one. And that the useful life of the edge of the blade varies depending on its quality.

Types Of Knives: Essential Kitchen Utensils

This kitchen utensil has a great variety of forms and utilities according to different uses and forms. Here we are going to see a good sample of those that exist by categories, according to the objective, the carrier or the food.

Tomato Special

Although it is aimed at tomatoes, it is specifically designed to cut soft products that have a hard rind and effortlessly slice or wedge them.

Kitchen Room

A type of multipurpose knife for professionals and hobbyists that cuts, cleans and chops vegetables.


Having an alveolus, it helps prevent food from sticking to the blade.

Paring Knives

They normally have blades that taper towards the tip; they are used to carry out from the simplest to the most complicated jobs.

Parrot Beak

It is a model with a sharp point, to peel round fruits or vegetables that are also used to decorate.

Lace knife

It is a small, light and manageable knife with a very sharp point. It is a kitchen knife that is used to peel all kinds of tubers, fruits and vegetables.


This kitchen utensil has a straight cut blade whose sole purpose is to peel and you can buy it from damascus knives shop.

Cutter tip

It is used to remove the yolks from potatoes, damage to fruits and vegetables and remove the pit from olives.


It is used to remove crusts and skins that keep a soft and juicy interior.

Forged Tip

For cutting meat into clean, even slices. Not to be confused with carving knives that have a thin blade intended for slicing. Using it to chop can damage the knife.

Boning Knives

They are used to separate the meat from the bone or bones in meat and fish.

Forged Boner

It is used for boning all types of ribs, cutting bone and cartilage.

Injected Stoner

Specific for cutting close to the bone.


It is used for removing meat from the bone and for jobs that require close cutting.

Carving knives

Thin, with narrow blade and fine edge. It is used to carve all kinds of meats.

Different Types of Kitchen Knives And Their Uses | KitchenTipster

Chef knives

With a wide blade to apply weight and force. Usually 150mm, 200mm, or 300mm. They are used for cutting and chopping.

Ham knife

Well-known in our country. It has a long, thin and flexible blade with a fine edge. Special for cutting ham. It is a kitchen utensil that requires technique and practice to use.

Butcher or Cleaver Knives

With a stable and wide blade, rectangular in shape, suitable for chopping large pieces of meat, poultry bones and chops.

Bread Knives

Knife with a long and hard blade, with a wavy edge with teeth that effortlessly break the crust of the bread.

Cheese Knife

Like the previous type of knife, it has a wide, perforated blade that prevents the cut pieces from sticking. It cuts the cheese precisely.

Salmon Knife

With a long and flexible blade, it is used to cut and serve very thin slices of salmon.

Sole Knife

Long, flexible blade, smooth and strong edge. He fillets sole and easily separates it from the bone.