If you are in a region of the United States, like Michigan where winters are harsh, you may be wondering why people are considering replacing their roof in the winter season. It is not as rare as you imagine. Numerous roofing companies offer their services throughout the year, even in wintery cold areas. Allpoint Construction is the best company to choose from if you live in Canton, MI. They are a team of skilled Roofing contractors canton MI, who can assist you in navigating the repair procedure one step at a time.

Let us first look at the factors that make roofing more challenging during this time of year as well as the arguments for not getting a new roof in the present.

Consider An Upgrade To Your Roof

This argument does not hold any weight. It might be cold outside today, but what is the point? Your roof is not concerned. The team installing your roof is not concerned. Do not worry about the men who are installing the roof. If cold temperatures stung them so much, they would not be out there to install your roof at all; they would be doing it in a chilly indoor environment.


Ice Dams Can Cause Leaks

The winter season challenges your roof and your home in ways that are unlike any other season. The most frequent cause of leaks on roofs in the winter months is the well-known Ice dam. The ice dam forms on the eaves of a home due to snow accumulation melting, then running across the roof, and then refreezing on the edges of the roofing line. In cold climates, roofing contractors employ the product known as “ice & water barrier” in conjunction with the proper drip-edge flashing to keep the ice dams from destroying your house and causing leaks. When done correctly, offers additional protection of at a minimum 3′ from the edges of the roofing. Most older roofs do not include an “ice & water barrier” installed. If your roofing is leaky due to ice dams, it is a good opportunity to have your roof repaired properly. This will ensure that the ice dams will not be a nuisance to you and your home in the future.

Winter Can Make A Roof More Prone To Damage

If you had a damaged roofing system before winter, it will be worse off as spring approaches. There is a myriad of things that can negatively affect your roof’s condition during the cold winter weather. Let us say that the shingles on your roof have curled in a small amount, and the next thing you know, you have heavy, wet snow. It is the force of snow that causes some of the damaged shingles to crack. You now have a possibility of a future roof leak. If the heavy, wet snow is then frozen, it could be able to cause further damage to your roofing shingles. The thawing and refreezing process that happens throughout winter are not good for old roofing shingles. Old roofs are not a fan of cold winters.

Speedier Service For Your Roof Replacement


The roofing contractors in general are not as busy in the winter. What does this mean for homeowners who need a new roof, is the roofing contractor you choose could be able to put up your new roof within days after you agree, instead of waiting weeks or even months at times when you put off the project until the summer, spring, and autumn months. Many homeowners find this advantage alone will be enough to make it possible to install your roof during winter.

The majority of professional roofers will offer the same warranty for labor on the roof that is installed during winter as they would for a roof put up at any other time of the year. The warranty on the material is provided by the manufacturer of the shingle and is identical regardless of the season the roof was constructed in. Contractors who install roofing wish to keep their staff working and will offer the best price to ensure that they don’t have to cut off workers in the winter months of slowing.