Many people replace their home windows to reduce energy consumption. If installed correctly, new home replacement windows can help improve your energy efficiency. When you are planning to install Replacement windows downriver MI yourself, there are several things you should consider.

Custom Made Windows

You can find custom-made windows from other vendors if you are unable to get the size you require. When it comes to replacement windows for homes, a proper fit is essential. There are many insulation options available, but a good fit will reduce the need for insulation. In most cases, replacement windows will replace the sash of existing windows. However, in ideal circumstances, you shouldn’t have to remove too much trim. This type of installation is described in the following techniques.


Caulking is the first line of defense against air infiltration when a replacement window is installed. A bead caulk can seal any opening that is less than 3/8ths inch in width if the window fits properly. Caulk made specifically for windows should not be cheap. Caulk should not be used any deeper than its width. This means that you should not go deeper than the maximum width of 3/8ths inch.

In situations where caulk cannot be applied, a combination of backer rod and caulk can be used. A closed cell backing rod is used to protect a line of caulk. It can be extremely airtight, will withstand normal shifting and lasts for many years. Caulk used to fill deep holes is expensive and inefficient. It may not cure properly and could eventually come off the areas where it is most needed.

Low Expansion and Pressure Foam


This product should be used with extreme care, and only when absolutely necessary. Also, make sure to check the warranty on your window. This type of foam is not covered by most manufacturers. It is better to use latex low pressure foam than low-expansion polyurethane if you are going to use it. Like polyurethane, latex is easy to clean and can usually be cut and painted once it has cured.

Fiberglass filling, or fabric, can also be used to fill in certain gaps. However you need to remember that it is best not to stuff the fabric. Excessive fabric can cause problems in the future and present immediate danger. You can finish an installation with wide sealing tape. This tape can be used to finish off an installation. Apply it to the bottom, then move up to the sides. The top layers should overlap the lower layers. This tape is only used by many installers on the exterior side.


Last Note

Before you start installing windows, make sure to read the warranty information from your window manufacturer. Over-application of insulation or air-sealant to a window installation is the biggest problem. Over-application of insulation or air-sealant to a window can cause it to bind and not work properly. If done correctly, the outside air is kept out and the inside air is kept in. The window will operate flawlessly.