Properly Prepare For The Turf Installation

Installation of synthetic turf could seem simple however, there is plenty more than meets the eye. It is possible to believe that the process of installing synthetic turf is as simple as placing a piece of artificial grass over natural grass and then you are good to go. If it was that simple it would be possible to have every lawn in front of your home looking identical, lush, and beautiful. It’s much more complicated than you think and typically will take just one day, depending on the size of the area you’re trying to do. The process of turf installation requires at least two persons to complete the task however the more people the more, the better.

Additionally, you’ll require the tools and equipment needed to complete the task. Similar to everything else, you need to determine the size of the area first and then prepare it before installing artificial grass.

Steps For Turf Installation

The first step to installing artificial grass is to measure the space, then place the boundaries of the area you would like the synthetic grass. The next step is to eliminate grass or soil out of the area using the garden mower or digging. You want the surface to be level and even with the help of a flattening tool or roller. The reason you’re trying to make your surface as level and flat as you can is that when you lay the synthetic grass you do not want uneven surfaces as you run or walk on it.

Once you’ve completed smoothing and edging the surface, you’re now ready to lay the foundation of your synthetic turf. The foundation layer is composed of covering dirt using broken rocks. A minimum of one inch of rock is needed around the area will give it the appearance of concrete because dirt will not remain level. It is essential to lay the foundation first to ensure that you have the right amount of protection. After you have completed this process, you’re now ready to lay synthetic grass.

Sanding and Finishing of Grass

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The artificial grass is laid exactly like carpet is installed in your home. Spread the synthetic turf layers equally until you’ve covered the entire area. You must leave a bit of turf in the areas that are outside to ensure they are tightly tucked to ensure a perfect and secure fit with no gaps.

Once the difficult phase is done it is time to evenly distribute the infill over the artificial grass. This will ensure that the blades of synthetic turf remain straight. This gives the synthetic grass a cushion and a feeling of comfort as if it were natural grass. The last question is. What can you do to keep your newly installed synthetic turf? First of all, it is not necessary to keep it in good condition. It’s no more mowing or watering. If you have pets, there is no issue, even when it comes to pet waste. It can be easily removed without indications of yellowing or residue. As with carpets, clean it with an anti-bacterial or disinfectant or the one provided by a turf business. Are you concerned about it wearing out? It’s unlikely because synthetic grass is very durable.