Canopy beds are characterized by elegance, intimacy, and a fairytale-like ambiance. You’ll often find them in palaces, castles, and European-inspired homes. As a whole, bed canopies are usually attributed to wealth and luxury.

Nowadays, many design inspirations are available to help you build a bed canopy for cheap. You’ll also find that you can make stunning canopies from household and outdoor materials. What once was only available for the rich can now be made in modest homes. Take note of these eight tips to get you started on creating a nook for your bed.

Measure Your Bed Area

Since your bed canopy will take up space in your room, measure the area where you plan to put your bed roof. Doing so allows you to assess whether a bed canopy is suitable for your room’s layout. Check if your ceiling and bedroom have enough surface area to hold a canopy without overwhelming your bed.

Work on a Theme

After measuring the area, you want to put your canopy on, decide which themes complement your aesthetics or bedroom layout. You can work on the existing interiors of your bedroom for convenience. For example, the posh design of Victoria Towers may prompt future owners to curate decoration pieces to recreate the romantic vibes of an Italian-Mediterranean bedroom. Various furniture shops in Las Piñas City might even have modern Italian furniture to suit new setups.

You may also revamp your bedroom’s interior to suit your chosen aesthetic. Explore different photos online to have a clearer picture of the bed canopy you want to build. Consider the materials and decor you will need to complete your new bedroom’s look. For example, if you’re after an industrial-style theme, materials such as aluminium checkerplate can help you achieve the desired look.

Use a Hoop

Hula hoops and wooden hoops are affordable tools you can use to create a bed canopy. Secure the rings using hooks or string on the ceiling. Decorate it with curtains or stylish fabric as the cover or drape for privacy. Using hoops as your canopy frame also saves you space as they don’t cover too much surface area.

Place Four Pillars on Your Bed Corners

Modern bed canopies look minimalist and elegant. Recreate this by placing four straight pillars on the corners of your bed to make a canopy frame. You can quickly hang sheer drapes,  curtains, or attractive fabrics and change them when you want. You can also leave the structures as-is for a simplistic look or during summer seasons for better ventilation.

Use Curtain Rods

Curtain rods are another affordable option you can use to build a bedroom canopy. Their length allows you to place bigger sheets of fabric for wider coverage and more privacy. Place curtain rods on both sides of your bed to have a metal rack for you to hang your fabric. Use hooks to slide the fabric around the rods for easy opening and closing. Check the Internet for inspiration on how to secure curtain rods to your ceiling to avoid damage and accidents.

The best part about using curtain rods is you can recreate the elegant look of luxurious European castles for cheap. Even if you use a cheap cream table cloth as your canopy drape, your bedroom will look luxurious and well-assembled.

Add Some String Lights

Make your bedroom look like they have fireflies at night by placing string lights on the fabric part of your canopy. Use pastel-colored fabrics to create a galaxy effect with stars using the string lights. The string lights may also act as a night light to help you sleep at night.

Explore Other Unique Designs

Bed canopies don’t have to be fabrics all the time. For instance, some bed canopies are carved like twigs and tree barks with leaf and acorn accents. Others play on an enchanted forest theme to make you feel like you are in a fairytale. Unique bed canopy designs are excellent for making the bed stand out in your bedroom.

Use a Large Branch or Twig

If you want to go the natural route, use a branch or twig as your curtain rod for your canopy. You can find one in your backyard or a nearby forest. But if you live in a commercial area, you might be able to find a large branch sold in furniture stores. Couple the branch with a sheer fabric to create a rustic atmosphere in your bedroom.

As a whole, building an elegant and beautiful bed canopy can be achieved with inexpensive materials. You’ll find various styles that you can use as inspiration for creating shields and shade for your bed. If you are looking for bed canopy design ideas, note these eight tips to get started on your canopy building project.