If you’re an apartment manager or a multi-family property developer that’s considering adding some apartment bike storage to your property, there are some things that you’ll want to look out for. Some of the items on this list might be things that you’re aware of, while some of them may be things that you know a lot less about. Either way, this is definitely something that’s worth putting some thought into, especially if you intend to rent out the bike storage space to tenants who need it.

The more thought you put into your tenants’ needs, the more likely they’ll be to rent out the storage spaces and pay a premium for the privilege. It’s hard to sell someone on storage space that doesn’t fit their needs, especially when it comes to bike storage. Fortunately, the concept of apartment complexes like apartments in Bee Cave providing a place for people to securely store their bikes in the city is nothing new, so we were able to consult with some experts and refer to some solid sources in order to obtain the list that we’re going to share with you today. Without further ado, let’s look at 10 features your bike storage needs in order to be profitable.

1. Security Almost Goes Without Saying

Security, security, security. If your tenants are paying extra for a place to store their bike, they want to be sure that their bike is going to be safe with you. Odds are, especially in a city, a tenant’s bike is their sole means of transportation. Whether they’re going to work, to the bar, church, a concert, or anything else, they want to be sure that their wheels will be safe if they leave them in your storage area. That means that you have to look at the mechanisms of the unit to make sure that you’d trust it with your car unlocked inside of it.

2. Enough Space for Any Bike

Bikes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Different people like different things and bikes are just another place for people to express themselves. Maybe Suzie in apartment 3F likes her cruiser, Tony in 4D refuses to ride anything other than a fixed gear, and Jeff in 9G cannot be convinced that any bike other than a mountain bike is worth his time. All three of these people live in the same apartment complex, and all three of them have different tastes in bikes that are of different sizes. Odds are you have more than just three people living in your apartment complex, and most of those people are going to have differing opinions about what kind of bikes they like. You have to be sure that your bike storage can accommodate all of them if you want to be as profitable as possible.

3. Ease of Access

No one wants to have to fiddle with their bike storage in order to get access to their bike. We all have places to be, whether that’s work, a date, or just meeting up with some friends. If your bike storage is easy to access, your tenants will be more likely to want to use them. Remember, your biggest competition is either them keeping the bike in their apartment or finding a nice streetlight to chain their bike to. The easier it is for them to get their bike in and out of the storage, the more likely they’ll want to use it in the long run.

4. Made of Durable Materials

No one wants to try to pull open their bike storage and the whole thing just falls apart on them. That’s going to make the tenant less likely to want to keep paying you to use it while also costing you money for repairs. It benefits both you and the tenant to make sure that your bike storage is hearty enough to survive normal wear and tear without giving up on you or your tenant.

5. Convenience

Where you put the bike storage also makes a huge difference. If you keep this storage in some weird corner of your apartment complex, odds are that your tenants won’t want to use them. Remember, your tenants have places to be and some of them probably like to leave with just enough time to get to where they’re going. If they have to go into the middle of the complex to get their bike, that means that there’s more time for something or someone to get into their way and make them late. While their schedule isn’t your problem for the most part, if someone keeps being late because of where the bike storage is located, there’s a good chance that they won’t want to rent it from you.

6. Potential for Street Access

You wanna talk about the peak of convenience for your tenants? Street access to their bike storage, or at least the potential for something nearly as convenient. For example, you can keep the bike storage in the same place that you keep the cars. Whether that’s a garage or a parking lot, you can allow for people riding bikes to have just as easy of a time accessing their vehicle and getting off of the property as anyone who drives a car. This is crucial for ensuring that your bike storage is rented out because, once again, your tenants don’t want any hassle when trying to get to where they’re going.
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7. Individual Bike Storage

If possible you might want to try and get storage that can store a single bike per locker. That allows for your tenants to feel like their bike is more secure because they’re the only one that has the key to their bike storage. If other people have access to this space, maybe you just have a bike rack in a cage, then the tenant still has to have their own lock and key in order to truly feel secure in how they’re storing their bike. It might be more space effective to keep all of the bikes together, but if a tenant is really concerned about the safety of their bike, they might just avoid using your storage altogether if their only option is to have it collected with everyone else’s bikes in a cage that’s locked by a common lock.

8. Weather Safe

Weather is a big deal for bike riders. If it rains it’s unsafe enough for car drivers, and bicyclists don’t have any additional protection from the elements like car drivers have. Because everyone on a bike is exposed to the elements, leaving them sitting out in the rain or snow can have adverse effects on the bike. If your tenant is the type to leave their bike seat in the bike that can get soaked through and potentially filled with mold. With too much water on the chains, it can oxidize and cause a great deal of rust which will, over time, degrade the chain enough for it to break when they need it the most. No matter how you slice it, protecting your tenants’ bikes from the weather is one of the best ways to keep them renting your bike storage and not keeping their bikes in their apartments.

9. Theft Deterrent

Security is one thing, but bike storage being actively theft deterrent is something else entirely. You can do things to make it obvious to any potential thieves that they’re going to have a hard time trying to steal from your bike storage, which will have the reassess their risk to reward ratio. The longer a bike thief has to spend trying to steal a bike, the more likely they are to be caught in the act. Thieves prefer to get their goods and take off as quickly as possible to avoid being caught, so make sure that thieves know that your complex is not the easy mark that they’re looking for.

10. Beauty

This one is optional, of course, but it is a nice gesture. Making sure that your bike storage adds something to your property will just make it a little more pleasant to look at and can improve your tenants’ moods in general. This one can be a little tricky if you’re looking for security on top of that, but it’s good to keep in mind that the way your bike storage looks makes a difference. Even if they’re not particularly pretty, if they fit into the general aesthetic your tenants will appreciate it.

Get the Most out of Your Bike Storage

If you own, manage, or are building a property in a city, you’re probably already aware of how many people ride bikes pretty much everywhere. With that in mind, having amenities that cater specifically to the bike riding tenants of your apartment complex can both make them feel a little more at home while also being profitable for you. Bikes are just convenient in cities, so it makes sense why they’re so popular. Getting good bike storage could mean that more bicyclists choose your apartment complex over another one because of how easily they’ll be able to store their bikes.